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Estel Astor
Estel Astor's lingerie stores in the shopping center Kuntsevo Plaza (Moscow) are equipped with antitheft systems Nedap FL 45.
Bottega Veneta
The brand Bottega Veneta is for people who are recognizable by initials. It was founded in 1996 in Vicenza (Italy) by Vittorio and Laura Moltedo as a family leather goods business. Now it’s positioned as a brand of restrained luxury - what critics have called "a hidden sign of wealth in the 21st century." The new three-story flagship store on Nikolskaya street (Moscow) is equipped with an antitheft system Nedap Platinum 30.
Camel Active
Camel Active store of clothing for active recreation in the shopping center Evropeisky (Moscow) has chosen a stylish antitheft solution Nedap FL 45 with built-in people counters.
The chain of multi-brand clothing stores Overkill expands its presence in the market of sniker-shops in Novosibirsk. Its new store in the Aura shopping center was equipped with antitheft system Nedap EQ 45 Standart.
DeFacto means stylish clothes at affordable prices for the whole family. The company occupies one of the leading places among pret-a-porter brands in the fashion industry of Turkey.
The brand's store in the shopping center Gallery (Krasnodar) is equipped with an antitheft system Sensormatic Synergy.
Prime Gallery
Fashion store Prime Gallery in the shopping center Gallery (Tbilisi, Georgia) is equipped with a reliable antitheft system Nedap FL30.

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