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Today's " ECONIKA " differs from the shoe stores, we all used to in the 90s. Since 2005, the brand began to change by making emphasis on the stylish interior of salons, personal approach to each client, and, most importantly, new approach to collections of shoes and accessories.
Today, under the "ECONIKA" brand works more than 170 brand stores across Russia and Kazakhstan. The main principle in choosing a new address - is a convenient location and coverage of the key areas where consumers are used to do shopping.
The new store, which opened its doors in the shopping center "Outlet Vnukovo" (Moscow), is equipped with an antitheft system Nedap FL 45 and Hella APC 180 people counter.

LC Waikiki

«LC Waikiki» - the world famous trading brand of clothing for children and teenagers. For almost 30 years the brand has never changed its principles. In the production of fabrics are not used synthetic dyes, fiber contains a minimal amount of synthetics and clothing itself creates a balance of bright, cheerful colors and a wide range of juicy colors. New Turkish retail store in the shopping center Kashirskaya Plaza (Moscow) is equipped with antitheft system Sensormatic Synergy.


In 1908, Marcus Mills Converse, specializing in the production of winter shoes in the Boston Rubber Shoe Company, founded his own company Converse Rubber Shoe Company in Malden, Massachusetts. At first, the main products were family shoes for summer and winter time. Two years after the founding the company produced more than 4 million pairs of shoes every day. Sports shoes appeared in the company's assortment only in 1915, after the growing popularity of shoes for tennis. To date Converse shoes "with an asterisk" are known all over the world and popular among not only young people, but also active people who prefer comfort.
The store of branded footwear opened its doors in the shopping center Metropolis (Moscow). Engineers of Element Store equipped the entrance group of the store with the antitheft system Nedap Fleureas 30.

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen - famous manufacturer of textiles and special sports equipment chooses antitheft equipment Nedap-Fleureas 45 with built-in people counters for its store in the shopping center Outlet Vnukovo (Moscow).


Today DeFacto is one of the most popular campaigns in Turkey, which produces high-quality clothes and sells it around the world. One of the features of this Turkish brand is its price accessibility for all population segments. At the same time, the clothes quality parameters are at a very high level.
Brand store in the shopping center Meganom (Simferopol) is equipped with antitheft system Sensormatic Synergy.


Meet the new Oodji store in Okhotny Ryad shopping Center (Moscow) with 2D people counters ES1200 from Element Store.

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