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The Fabi brand is one of the most famous shoe brands. The history of Fabi is a story of individuality, luxury and highest quality. The new boutique of this famous brand in the Europeyskiy shopping center (Moscow) is equipped with a stylish antitheft system Nedap Platinum 45.
HENDERSON fashion house for 20 years offers men elegant and stylish clothes for work and rest, and attaches great importance to the Russian sport supporting. Today, a national chain of HENDERSON showrooms is represented in 150 largest shopping centers in 50 cities across Russia.

Element Store engineers equipped the Henderson store in the shopping center "Vershina" (Essentuky) with a modern 3D people counter of German company Hella and antitheft equipment Nedap EQ 45 Standart.
The new supermarket Sportmaster in the shopping center Gallery (Nalchik) is equipped with antitheft systems Nedap-FL 30 Black Edition.
Monobrand store of jeans clothes Colins in the shopping center Mega Teply Stan (Moscow) chooses Nedap antitheft systems.
The world-renowned luxury brand, founded by the famous Coco Chanel is famous not only for its collections of haute couture. Accessories, jewelery, watches, perfumes, cosmetics, collections of skin care products - it wins the hearts of fashionable woman and men around the world.
The new Chanel boutique on Malaya Bronnaya (Moscow) is reliably protected by antitheft equipment Xpondr.
Group of companies "Sportmaster" - company-retailer that specializes in wholesale and retail trade of sporting goods, also the owner of the network of the same name represented in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China.

The network is actively developing in the territory of the Russian Federation and takes a leading position among sports retailers.

A new store in the shopping center "Meganom" (Simferopol) is equipped with an antitheft system Nedap FL 45. Advertising banners installed on antennas serve as an additional tool to attract visitors and do not interfere with detection.

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