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Odyssey - the first photographic concept-store, combining photographic equipment, clothing and accessories, printing and framing bureau, as well as a 50-meter studio equipped with the most advanced lighting equipment. To protect the goods in the GUM Moscow engineers of Element Store installed antitheft equipment Nedap FL 45 and a people counter Hella APC 180.


The new store Ostin in the shopping center Riviera (Biysk) is equipped with a reliable antitheft system Nedap FL 30 Black with built-in people counting system.

Akran Optika

"Akran Optika" - a network of elite optical shops in Moscow - to protect the goods in the shopping center Neglinnaya Plaza (Moscow) chooses an antitheft system Nedap FL 30.


Demix - it is high-quality and technologically advanced products for running, fitness, team sports and martial arts. Brand store in the shopping center Gagarin (Moscow) is equipped with antitheft system Nedap FL45 Black

Beba Kids

Beba Kids - retailer chain of monobrand and multi-brand stores of clothes and accessories for children and teenagers from 0 to 16 years. The chain offers various Italian clothing brands of high quality, such as: Artigli, Gaialuna, To Be Too, Street Gang, Best Band and many others. Products of the brand «Beba Kids» are high quality, practical, comfortable and made from natural fibers and materials that confirm manufacturer’s care about the health of children.
Entrance area of the shop Beba Kids in the shopping center "Kashirskaya Plaza" (Moscow) is protected by antitheft equipment Nedap EQ 30 Standart.


FORWARD - clothing for those who want to be a leader in sports and life. The brand store in the new Arbat, 22 (Moscow) is equipped with an antitheft system Nedap FL 45 and a people counter ES 1200.

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