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Under Armour
Under Armour company ranks among the world's most famous manufacturers of sportswear, footwear and accessories. This brand is characterized by consistently high quality combined with unique technologies. The brand store in the shopping center Metropolis (Moscow) is equipped with the Sensormatic Ultra Exit antitheft system and the people counters Hella APC 180.
Swiss manufacturer of chocolate Lindt & Spruengli AG opens the new mono-brand store in the mall «Mega Teply Stan» with antitheft system Sensormatic Synergy and 3D people counter Hella APC 180 installed by Element Store.
The Henderson store in the Titan Arena (Arkhangelsk) is equipped with a modern 3D counter Hella and a reliable antitheft system Nedap FL 45 Black Edition.
The European brand of decorative cosmetics Inglot for its store in the shopping center Europeyskiy (Moscow) chooses a 3D people counting system Hella APC 180.
Lorena Antoniazzi
The brand Lorena Antoniazzi was born in 1993 in Perugia. And, despite the relative youth, the brand has already managed to earn an impeccable reputation. The new store brand on Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street (St. Petersburg) is equipped with invisible antitheft system Xpondr.
HENDERSON fashion house for 20 years offers men elegant and stylish clothes for work and rest, and attaches great importance to the Russian sport supporting. Today, a national chain of HENDERSON showrooms is represented in 150 largest shopping centers in 50 cities across Russia.

Element Store engineers equipped the Henderson store in the shopping center Golden Babylon on Prospekt Mira (Moscow) with a modern 3D people counter Hella and antitheft equipment Nedap EQ 45 Standart.

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