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FALKE - is an international company that creates not just hosiery products, but a kind of a lifestyle. The traditions of the family business, founded in 1895, are honored and respected by already the fourth generation of the Falke family. Its brand store in the shopping center Crocus City (Moscow) is equipped with antitheft system Nedap EQ 45 Standart using RFID technology.


In 1908, Marcus Mills Converse, specializing in the production of winter shoes in the Boston Rubber Shoe Company, founded his own company Converse Rubber Shoe Company in Malden, Massachusetts. At first, the main products were family shoes for summer and winter time. Two years after the founding the company produced more than 4 million pairs of shoes every day. Sports shoes appeared in the company’s assortment only in 1915, after the growing popularity of shoes for tennis. To date Converse shoes "with an asterisk" are known all over the world and popular among not only young people, but also active people who prefer comfort.

The store of branded footwear opened its doors in the shopping center Atrium (Moscow). Engineers of Element Store equipped the entrance group of the store with the antitheft system Nedap Fleureas 30 with built-in people counters.

Under Armour

Under Armour company ranks among the world's most famous manufacturers of sportswear, footwear and accessories. This brand is characterized by consistently high quality combined with unique technologies. The brand store in the shopping center Metropolis (Moscow) is equipped with the antitheft system Sensormatic Ultra Exit Black and the people counters Hella APC 180 Black.

Gerard Darel

The brand Gerard Darel was founded in 1971 by the spouses Gerard Gerbi and Danielle Gerbi-Darel. Focusing on a classic cut and elegant, but at the same time very pragmatic style, which would be appreciated by modern women with active lifestyle, the founders managed to make it popular very fast not only in France, but also in the international market.

The brand store in Vegas Kuntsevo shopping center (Moscow) is equipped with the antitheft system Sensormatic Synergy.


The monobrand store Reserved in the shopping center Maxi (Tula) is equipped with an antitheft system Nedap PG 39.


Famous international retailer - the French brand of fashion clothing KIABI - to protect the goods in a store in the shopping center Park House (Kazan) chooses an antitheft system Nedap Gate i-45 with built-in people counters.

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